And The Mom Of The Year Award Goes To …


I don’t know what’s going on.  I’m almost afraid to say anything because it might abruptly end.  Today, I was “awesome!” and “the best mom ever!” because I cooked meatloaf.  You know, that meatloaf my kids wouldn’t touch less than 6 months ago?  Yeah, that.

Tonight it was “amazing!”  Yay?   (hey hun, are the kids sick?)

Yesterday, I was the “best mom ever!” because I gave the Engineer a bag of craft stuff to take to his laboratory (maker space) in his room.  Who knew a few Styrofoam balls could make a kid’s day?  I certainly didn’t – especially since we had some of the same craft items in the downstairs kit.  Whatever, I’ll take it.


Of course, this was all mixed in with the “jumping off the bench” episode, the “kicked your brother off the couch” episode, and the “went in your sister’s room to play when you weren’t supposed to and lied about it” episode.  So I’m all confused and mixed up right now.  Somehow, I’m the most horrible mom and the best mom all at the same time.


I’m not sure if this is a developmental stage or the product of some weirdo PBS kids video.  Maybe that Science Max show he’s been watching?  Who knows.  It’s just weird, and I’m not used to it.

Our family isn’t really prone to over-exaggeration and extremely enthusiastic cheerleading.  We’ll encourage, praise, and cheer for our kids, but we try to keep it authentic and real.  The Engineer isn’t prone to over-exaggeration either.  If it was the Princess, this would just be normal.  She’s the queen of extremes.  Coming from the Engineer it’s weird and slightly worrisome.


Even if it makes me laugh, it does make me happy that my kid is finally showing some appreciation for what others do for him.  He’s generally oblivious and clueless unless prompted.  It’s one of those social skills we’ve been working on for a long time, so maybe it’s finally paying off?   Who knows.


Whatever caused it, I just wanted to share that I am mother of the year.  No need to keep trying, ladies – you can’t compete with meatloaf and Styrofoam!



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