Nothing But Zero

Nothing got done today.  I’ve had a hard week full of migraines one after the other, and as I lay on the couch struggling to muster up enough energy to do the dishes, I suddenly decided I don’t care.  So I took today off.

Well, I tried, anyway.

It was a chilly, rainy day.  The Destroyer came down with a green-tinged head cold overnight, so we stayed home.  And did absolutely nothing.  Nothing planned.  Stuff is still piled on my counters, only one load of dishes was cleaned, and there is still laundry sitting forlornly in my washer.  Who cares?  It’s not like it’s going to magically get done by itself and demand to be folded.

On most days when I’m not well I still try to do something educational.  Coloring sheets, mazes, videos – whatever they can do independently.  Not today.

Today I wallowed in freedom and tried to ignore the siren-call from the crumbs on the floor.   Dog, go earn your keep!

Of course, we had to switch the ladybug larvae to their new home because they kept escaping through the mesh.  Then we had to read up on the care and confinement of micro worms because they arrived in the mail today.  The salamanders heartily approve.  The kids are fascinated and disgusted.

The Engineer did some of his maze, dot-to-dot, and word search workbooks this morning while he watched his tablet.  Wild Krats, I think it was.

In the end, learning still happened.  With or without me.  Kiddo was even irritated that I wouldn’t let him watch The Kid Should See This videos (too close to dinner.)

I should do this more often.

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