Dolch Pre-Primer Word Activities


Dolch pre-primer watercolor sheets

Dolch pre-primer sentence sheets

Dolch pre-primer sentence sheet cards

Dolch pre-primer magnetic letters

The Engineer is a reluctant reader at this point.  He’s bored, unsure of himself, and irritated at me for making him try.  But, if I ask him a word while we’re playing a game or doing ABC Mouse, he’ll usually tell me the correct word because there’s no pressure.

My strategy for sight words is basic – make it fun.  I found a few ideas on the web and came up with these printables.  Since the Engineer is an SPD kiddo, his magnetic letters will go into some sort of sensory box.  Today we did kidney beans, next time I’ll do rice, or sugar, or lentils.  All of my kids love lentils – they’re slippery and fun!

The sight word sentence sheets come in two files – 1 is the word cards, the other is the massive set of sheets that I did.  Most of the files are in black and white so I could print on colored card stock, but the sentence sheets are in color to help the concept sink in.  Since the Engineer struggles with writing we’re going to use letter stamps to “write” the sentence.

I designed these sheets to cover all the words in the Dolch pre-primer sight words list.  Other lists have more or different words.  I’m planning for these to be a part of our review routine so I purposely made a huge amount of sheets.

As usual, the word cards are business card size so that I can quickly laminate them.

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