Ladybug Project

ladybug project

Ladybug Addends 1-12

We found a ladybug in our garden and the kids watched it walk up my hand, and when it reached the end of my finger it popped the carapace open and flew off.  The Engineer said “whoa!  I didn’t know it could do that.  I want to do a project on ladybugs!”  So we did.

This project was a bit bigger.  I found a great idea online (ladybug addends) and re-created it for us.  Print out the numbers sheets on white cardstock and laminate.  Print out the question marks on red cardstock and laminate.  Tape the question mark over half of the addition problem so that it’s self-correcting.  The Engineer loved trying to guess the right number and then flipping up the red square to see the correct answer.

The Ladybug Game sheet also should be laminated.  Roll the dice and add the two numbers together – place a game marker over the number.  The person to cover the most numbers wins.  The Engineer had fun playing by himself and trying to cover all the numbers with flat marbles.

I really like the Ladybug Game and the Ladybug Addends because they promote independent learning as well as the basic math concepts like number patterns and addition.

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