Life in Flux

Time for one of those introspective posts again. So. Our family has been in lockdown for over a month now. Well over a month, even though officially our state hasn’t been locked down that long. In fact, our state just announced that we’re opening everything back up again, with “social distancing” and “proper precautions.” You really don’t want to hear my opinion on the level of impossibility involved in keeping 6 feet away from people at the movie theatre, hairdresser, or gym. I know that lifting restrictions slightly will snowball as people become more and more relaxed and start taking liberties with it. I just hope people check out must-read tips about Coronavirus and remember the number of deaths it has caused.

Life in flux

This time period of isolation is oddly normal for us. This is what I call “life in flux,” and it’s horrible. Living in a period of uncertainty, with no end in sight, no resolution and an endless cascade of fear (I’m high risk) is stressful, to say the least. Due to how frightening it is out in public places, we’ve been advised to wear facemasks to try and prevent us from spreading the virus. We’ve seen a kn95 mask that might be ideal for putting on when we go out, perhaps I’ll have to purchase one. It’s so important that all people follow advice like that, especially when it could potentially save lives.

Not that I can do anything about it, of course. Life handed us this mess and we’re trying to stay afloat, trying to avoid a furlough, keep the kids calm, and manage our own anxieties. This sucks.

Educational what?

I have to admit – school isn’t happening right now. Oh, we have random days here and there where we sit down and knock out some math and science, watch documentaries and do reading. Sure, some school is happening. In general though – we’re hunkered down. I’m struggling through each day at a time, trying to get through without a panic attack or random tears.

All those amazing educational resources that everyone is putting out for free? Not doing them. Not a single one. Because it’s too overwhelming, and I can only handle so much. Isn’t it funny that homeschoolers, who are best suited to deal with this mess, are shutting down educationally and taking a break?

180 days of work

Now, you might be thinking “oh no! Her kids are educationally neglected!?” Nope. We’ve worked an astounding amount of days already, and we only have 15 instructional days left for this year (out of 180.) So taking a few days off is ok. The weather is (mostly) nice here – if you can ignore the tornados. We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors, and I am daily grateful for the place we live because that wasn’t possible before.


So. Life in flux. I know I’m not the only one hunkering down and stressing out. I know I’m not the only one feeling as if educational materials are the LEAST important thing right now. I’m not the only one managing massive anxieties and struggling to get through this mess.

If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out. If you’ve never experienced mental health symptoms before and you are now (and might not recognize them) don’t worry that you’re going crazy. You’re not! You’re managing a stressful situation that has very real physical effects on us.

Hang in there, people. We’ll get through this. After living our last year in flux, I can promise you that it will end, and we will come out on the other side, moving forward into calm and peace. Sending virtual hugs to all of you who are struggling too!

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