Things I Don’t Recommend

If you have a kid like mine who thrives on schedules, routine, and familiar surroundings, then here’s a few critical things to know.


Don’t move.

Don’t uproot from one state to another, sell the only house he’s ever known, and leave all his friends behind.

Absolutely don’t stay in an apartment with drug dealers down the hall.

Don’t buy a house that doesn’t have the amazing hide out and play area he fell in love with.

Definitely don’t leave all your stuff in storage for 4 months.   And counting.



In fact, in case you might need to know this, don’t even think about ripping the entire flooring out, demoing the kitchen, and uprooting the entire back half of the yard.

Painting the house might be a bad idea too.

I probably wouldn’t let the air conditioning break for a week, or the power in his room go out for 2 weeks either.  Just so you know.



Do buy popsicles.  Lots of popsicles.  Because it’s hot and popsicles cover a multitude of sins.

Find his bike in storage even if it takes digging through half of the unit.

Apologize for not being able to find the last piece of his bed frame.  Or the bolts.  Hugs go a long way.

Finding the Lego tub in storage helps maintain continuity.   After all, stepping on Legos hurts just as much in a new house as the old.

Do find the 5 surrounding restaurants that serve pizza so that he can compare their merits.



Failure to avoid these pitfalls will result in a dysregulated, frustrated, anxious kiddo.  Not to mention defiant, obnoxious, and angry – all completely understandable emotions given the circumstances.  I mean, obviously I’m experiencing a lot of the same emotions, so his response is perfectly normal.




I hate having to be a good example right now, because all I want to do is go plop on the floor and have a good, screaming tantrum like a toddler.   It wasn’t supposed to all go wrong.


(note: sorry about the temporary change in image design.  I’m working on a perfectly lovely computer that isn’t my old one.  Because we can’t find the power cables for mine.)



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