Guys, We Made It! (through another week)

Guys, I swear there’s a blanket wrapped around my brain right now.  If you were to grill me about what we did this week for school, I would fumble for words and plop a few out like “math… and history…and we did that thing at the museum..”  I’m fried.  So fried I’m barely coherent. I’m pretty sure we did, actually, get through a lot of school this week, and I have the notebooks to prove it.   Somewhere.  I’ll find them tomorrow.

I think we did too much this week.  At least, I did!  We made it.  And now we have the promise of a measly 3 inches of snow to drop on us this weekend, complete with sledding, hot cocoa, and more laundry than I can shake a stick at.


People who tell me “I could never spend that much time with my kids!” have a point.  I spend practically all my time with my kids, and by the end of the week I’m literally fried.  Whatever brain cells I had left from last week evaporated with the small tragedies, minor emergencies, and the slog of daily life with three kids.  I turned around today – TWICE – to find my 4-year-old standing on the dining room table swinging the light fixture around.  The second time he told me he was “fixing” it.  I used stern words and told him it’s mommy and daddy’s job to fix it.  He didn’t hear a thing I said.   Thank goodness for a tattling 5-year-old!





At this point in the homeschool year I’m usually reaching burnout point.  I’m not right now, not really.  I’m just tired.  I’m feeling like we need to shake things up a bit and do something new here and there, but I’m liking the routine and flow we’ve eased into this year.  My oldest kiddo is doing more independent work.  It’s amazing how much that helps my stress levels.


I’m not in burnout, I’m not stressing, and I’m feeling like we accomplished a lot even though I’m worn out.  That’s a good feeling – the accomplishment bit.  Plus the proud mom bits where I watched my oldest casually do a presentation in front of his peers today after he spent most of art class critique hiding.  We pick our battles and celebrate our victories where we can!


I hope, like me, that you’re celebrating another week under the homeschool belt and getting some rest.  I hope that you’re not in burnout mode, and that things are going swimmingly.  And if you’re in the path of our snowstorm, I wish you safe travels and lovely winter days!


Now I’m off to snuggle up with a comfy blanket and read a book until my brain shuts completely off.  That won’t take long!

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