The Holiday Trap



It’s finally December.  I whipped up a batch of sugar scrub, we put up the Christmas tree, and the kids are all excited and happily counting down on their Aldi chocolate advent calendar.  21 days until Christmas!

I caught myself thinking “I’ll make a batch of fudge!”  What is WRONG with me!?


Christmas is that time of year that I flip some sort of weird mental switch and start thinking I’m some kind of June Cleaver-esque mom.  I’m not entirely sure what I am, but I can assure you that it’s not a prissy individual dressed in flippy aprons doing some “ladylike” endeavor like … sewing?

Yeah, I’m sewing.  I fell in the Christmas trap again.


Sewing rocks

Don’t get me wrong – sewing is cool.  Sewing is an amazing, creative, fun thing to do.  I just don’t do much of it.  I can’t sew a straight seam to save my life even with the aid of my workhorse sewing machine.  But all of that aside, I’m sewing up a set of Santa sacks (or fabric gift bags) because the Black Friday deals on fabric trapped me and I think I’m more capable than I actually am.

I did the math, and realized that for the cost of wrapping paper, I could buy enough fabric so that we could go paperless for Christmas.  I could be all self-righteous and tell you I’m doing it to help save the environment, but truthfully, I’m doing it to save money and keep the mess quotient down.  The environment is a nice bonus.


I am my own worst enemy

For some reason, Christmas makes me think that I’m capable of doing way more than I should or want to do.  I guess it’s a stress that I put on myself, because no one asked me to create fabric bags or make sugar scrub.  No one asked for fudge, or pies or anything else I’m drooling over.

I’m trying to reign back the impulse to vomit creativity all over the place.  I’m trying to tell myself “we don’t NEED that!” or “I can say no.”  I need to focus on other things, to accomplish stuff already on my list instead of blithering all over the place in a swivet over Christmas cards and gifts.


Bye-bye tree

I’ve already lost a little of the Christmas spirit anyway, so that helps.  Our tree lasted all of 5 days until I had to take it down.  The kids just can’t handle it, and I can’t deal with the massive safety hazard the tree presents.  So I packed it away with a little sigh, hoping that next year my children will all make the switch from wild animals to children with some modicum of self-control.


Oh well.  Anyone want some sugar scrub?  I have a ton of it now.


  1. I get the same way! Now, I need to know do you have a pattern for making bags with your fabric, or do you just buy a bolt and then cut and take like you would regular wrapping paper? I despise the mess and cost of paper wrapping paper!


    • I bought a yard or 2 of different fabrics and sewed a super basic seam around – with a larger seam at the top. They’re a very basic version of a drawstring bag – no pattern, but I’m sure that would make things easier!


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