Almost There!


I’ve been mumbling about this curriculum for so long I figured it’s time to give you an update.  Not because you guys particularly care about it, but because you deserve to know why I’ve been taking so dang long to get it done.

I’m almost finished.  Almost.  I finally proof read the entire thing – yikes! – and I’m now in the process of pulling together all of the pdf files in the correct order and figuring out the technical details.  This thing is clocking in at over 300 pages so far, and I’m not finished!  I think that counts as an excuse for taking so long?


So what is it, exactly?

It’s a 36-week-long art history curriculum designed for elementary age students.  Each lesson is fully kid-tested and includes:

  • An informational blurb for the teacher about the artist or techniques in the lesson
  • A list of questions and answers for class discussion
  • A robust section for images and resources filled with vetted, interesting, and age-appropriate links
  • A student handout with more information and pictures
  • A detailed project tutorial complete with pictures, instructions, and samples created by kids
  • All printables for project needs like the hieroglyphic alphabet or manga tutorials

In addition to all of this, the curriculum includes things like a special art timeline and art timeline figures (because that seems to be my thing,) award certificates, portfolio pages, and an extensive supply list designed to take the headache out of shopping for art supplies.


This thing is a beast.  I’m super proud of what I’ve accomplished, but I’m also super tired of the whole thing.  I want it to be finished.  Done.  So I don’t have to keep spazzing about if I got the manga tutorial correct or if I wrote the perfect description of how to make a fresco painting.



Wait, elementary?  Isn’t that a wide range?

Yes, it’s a wide range.  I went ahead with that age range because of my personal experience with my students this year.  My students ranged from age 4 to age 11, and they all handled the projects really well.  My own 4-year-old daughter surprised me with her lovely hieroglyphics while my older, more advanced students put out polished and technical  work.  This curriculum works with a wide age range, and I’ve included tips and hints on how to adapt it one way or the other.   Art ability differs greatly even accounting for age, so the wide age range didn’t make a huge difference.



Where will it be available?

Like all of my products, this curriculum will be available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  This is the first big product that I’ve attempted.  I do plan to break it up and sell each individual lesson if you need one or two studies instead of the entire thing to make it more accessible for everyone.

Be on the lookout for SEA convention updates – I will be putting the curriculum on sale around then, and I’ll announce the sale at the convention.  If you want to see the curriculum in person, I’ll have it for review at the SEA convention in Atlanta (vendor hall) as well as referencing it at my talk about art history for younger kids on Friday July 13th (2018.)



Why would I want this if I can just go on Pinterest? 

Like all homeschool curriculums, this one is designed to save you time.  You could certainly pull together a curriculum like this on your own!  Judging by how long it took me (over a year) this curriculum should definitely save you time.   And frustration.  And weird Googling subjects trying to find that really cool piece of art that you forgot the artist’ name of.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of homeschoolers don’t feel comfortable teaching art.  They may not be as familiar with the subject, or they may feel like they’re going to skip something important, or they just don’t know where to start because it’s overwhelming.  This curriculum is for those homeschoolers, to help guide them and have fun with art.

And not least, I love teaching in an interconnected way.  Because of my approach to teaching, this curriculum has threads pulling in science, geography, social studies, history – all of that combined into one fun, hands-on curriculum.



I’m so excited to share this with everyone!



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