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Hi, my name is Mary, and I’m addicted to blogging…

yeah, it’s true – once you start, you keep adding “just one more!”  And then they pile up and demand all of your time and effort until you’re sitting in the corner sobbing “but I just wanted to write!”

::clears throat::

So, um…new blog announcement.

I keep wanting to write about stuff that clearly doesn’t fit the format of this blog.  My solution: a new blog!  The new one is a lot more casual, more pictures, and more of a “how-to” blog than my primary.  Somehow I ended up with a serious, quirky, crazy blog about our life, and that works – but doesn’t match the info-blog material.

I warn you – I won’t be posting quite as frequently on the new blog.  After all, I do need sleep every now and again.

I figured since I managed to get the new blog link up and running on my menu (woohoo for conquering the technical issues!) I probably needed to explain what it is.  You might see some cross-over material on both blogs, but the new one is going to be more pinterest friendly and resource heavy.

I hope you’ll pop on over and check it out when you have a minute – and please be patient with me, it takes time to build content.  A bit sparse at the moment!




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