Valentine’s Day Cards Free Printable

Valentine’s Cards Free Printable

The kids are excited about the homeschool Valentine’s Day card exchange.  I’m excited too – the Engineer and I came up with an awesome card for him.  The Princess and Destroyer were excited but less helpful in the planning.  They remind me of happy little puppies bouncing around and getting in the way.


Lost my heart to you: I cut out small felt hearts, then sewed a heart button on (from Target’s not-always-a-dollar section.)  A quick stitch around, and stuffed it with leftover felt scraps.  Simple and cute!  (and cheap, because I balk at spending a lot of money for this.)  Small children find the hearts so fascinating that I’ve already lost a few off of my counter.

If you don’t have time to sew a bunch of tiny hearts, there are a ton of decorative hearts to pick from for sale in stores, or your kid can cut out foam hearts and cover them in glitter (kids and glitter….felt sounds a lot better now, right?)

Lost my marbles:  We used glitter foam sheets from the craft store – the kind with the adhesive on the back.  I cut out 1/4″ strips and we adhered them to the white lines.  Tape a marble on the back for a cute little marble maze that’s surprisingly difficult.  At least, it’s difficult for me.  The Engineer had no problems.

Horsing around: this one’s the easiest.  Dollar store bag of tiny plastic horses – tie that sucker on with some baker’s twine.  Done!


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