Bunny Disasters


Well,  drat.  Parenting fail yet again.

The Destroyer really wanted a bunny like his big siblings have – a nightlight, music player, and all-around fun toy.  He dances around with their bunnies playing songs as loud as he can.  He cradles the bunny in one arm and pumps the other in the air: a toddler jam session.  He loves their bunnies and screams “bun-nyyyy!” if he sees one in their rooms.

So for his birthday, we got him his very own bunny.  Yellow, not like his sister’s light blue one or the darker blue of his brother’s bunny.  It has chewable silicone ears that light up, a drop-resistant shell, and tons of wonderful buttons to explore, just like theirs.  Happy birthday!


I connected it to the computer to add the music files and the bunny died.  Drastic, stuttering, can’t-even-format-the-bloody-thing dead.  Uh oh.

We got it from Amazon, our purchaser of choice thanks to the return policies.  We can return it, get another, and that’s that.  Problem is, it won’t get here in time for his birthday.  No gift from his parents, just siblings and grandparents.

Mr. Genius is trying to wrangle the USB card in hopes of formatting it, but it’s not looking good.  We’re down a bunny and we’re out of options.

I guess we should have checked it when it came in.  Whoops!

Good thing he’s 2.  A few hotwheels cars will keep him happy until the new bunny arrives.


Want to see the bunny specs? (this affiliate link will take you to Amazon to explore bunny options)  I’m not affiliated with Alilo in any way, and they’re probably thanking their lucky stars for that.

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