Weekly/Monthly Planners (Free Printable)

Sorry about the handwriting – I scrawl instead of write

Month and Week Planner PDF

I’m too darned independent for my own good.  That can bite me in the rear when it comes to homeschooling.  Add in a little scatter brain and chaos and things tend to fall by the wayside and be forgotten.  Enter: planners.

I realized early on in our homeschooling endeavour that I needed something to write on – something to keep track of each day’s work.  Plain paper was boring and I scribble.  I needed something broken down into easily read, easily written sections for each day.

As usual, I couldn’t find a (free) planner online that fit our needs, so I came up with these.  We’re not using a curriculum because I balked at paying those prices for things we already have.  Without a nice complete lesson plan from the curriculum it’s difficult sometimes to keep everything balanced.

Having these sheets helps me keep track of “school” things.  A lot of the things we do anyway (hi space shuttle!) actually count as school.  Since our state requires “proof of progress” I really need to get in the habit of documenting every single tiny school thing we do.  I have no idea how the Engineer will do with standardized testing and I’m already planning to find a good evaluator as back-up.  Having a notebook full of projects, outings, and daily lists is crucial to proving progress.

These sheets are rather open-ended.  We do a small unit-based type of learning, so one of the sheets is labeled by monthly and weekly subject.  So far the unlabeled sheets are working best because of the Engineer’s project hopping.  My plan for the upcoming school year is to do a longer set of projects like the human body, continents, and so on.  Assuming I can get them done – I’m having a hard time staying ahead of him!

Note: the photo isn’t that great – photographing paper in low lighting sucks.  In case your monitor doesn’t show it correctly the sheets are gray-scale with a light gray background in part of them.



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